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The Center for Reproductive Medicine offers extensive training in routine and advanced laboratory tests in assisted reproduction techniques (IVF/ ICSI), gamete cryopreservation and andrology. Training facilities include dedicated space and equipment. Our clinical laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, staffed by highly qualified, experienced medical technologists and accredited by the College of American Pathologists and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Our reproductive tissue bank is separately accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

Through one-on-one training in laboratory procedures, candidates develop technical expertise in all of the essential techniques, including comprehensive semen analysis, sperm preparation procedures, assisted reproduction (IVF/ICSI) techniques and cryopreservation protocols for semen, testicular and ovarian tissues. Renowned embryologists, biologists, andrologists, reproductive endocrinologists and other experts in assisted reproductive techniques provide mentorship during the training experience. At the completion of the program, candidates receive a Certificate of Training recognizing their achievements.

An Individualized Approach
Our unique training approach allows a completely personalized training experience that caters to the exact needs of each candidate. We offer several different training modules to meet the needs of candidates with varying levels of experience, and we customize the training based on the individual’s objectives. Whether a candidate is interested in learning only a certain portion of a course module, has an interest in combining techniques from several modules or desires more time and practice on techniques of personal interest, our training program can accommodate those requests and provide a unique experience for each candidate.

This individualized approach to training has made our program one of the most popular ART training centers in North America. Graduates of our program consistently rate the quality of the training they receive as high to excellent. Since 2003, our program has trained more than 100 candidates from more than 20 countries.

Training is provided in a real laboratory environment at the pace determined by the candidate’s experience and objectives. Candidates may choose the training program that best fits their needs: 3-4 weeks, 6-8 weeks or 12-16 weeks. Our goal is always to deliver world-class training that exceeds the candidate’s expectations.

Training is offered in a dedicated ART training suite inside a research laboratory using hamster oocyte/ mouse embryos. Training facility is a non- clinical laboratory without any patient contact. There is no connection with clinical IVF clinic located elsewhere.

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