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Joe Eszterhas started smoking at the age of 12 years old. As a screenwriter of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies including – "Basic Instinct," Jagged Edge," and Flashdance, Eszterhas not only incorporated smoking into his movies…he believes he glamorized it. Having been a lifelong "militant smoker," Eszterhas was faced with a life altering choice when 18 months ago, he was diagnosed with throat cancer at the Cleveland Clinic. Not only was he going to have to quit smoking, but he would have to stop drinking as well – another addiction he had acquired at the age of 14.

Ezsterhas had been experiencing some vocal problems and was told by a doctor in Los Angeles that he had a "benign polyp," according to Eszterhas. But after a second opinion at the Cleveland Clinic, Eszterhas was told that he not only had cancer but he might require a surgery that would leave him unable to swallow and living on a feeding tube. It was then that Eszterhas says he "made a deal with God" to begin the daunting task of breaking an addiction that he says, "is more powerful than heroin."

But luckily for Eszterhas, Dr. Marshall Strome, head of ENT at the Cleveland Clinic and the only surgeon in the world to perform a successful larynx (voice box) transplant, devised a surgery specifically for Eszterhas that allowed him to swallow and now, to speak.

Doug Hicks, PhD, a speech pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic was part of the team that helped oversee Ezsterhas’ post-operative recovery and astonishing change of lifestyle.

Drs. Marshall Strome, Doug Hicks and wife, Naomi Ezsterhas will also be on hand for part of the program to talk about Joe’s journey from addiction to recovery and now advocacy.

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Courtesy of The Plain Dealer and
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The Word of Mouth Youth Tobacco Prevention Program is geared toward school-aged children and adolescents to prevent them from using tobacco and becoming addicted to nicotine. Word of Mouth aims to help children remain tobacco-free for life.

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